Our competitive program is geared towards fencers who are prepared to invest time and effort into their own development, and includes regular individual lessons. Fencers are expected to be interested in attending competitions. Entry to the competitive program is by invitation only. Term and commitment Expectation is for Competitive fencers to participate year round, though cross-training in other sports at various times through the year may be strongly encouraged. Lessons will primarily take place on Monday nights for Foil fencers, and Friday nights for Sabre fencers, though competitive fencers are encouraged to attend other practices as well.


$225/month or $625 for 3 months

Membership and Licenses

All fencers in the Competitive program must pay an annual membership fee to the club ($50), and are required to purchase a competitive membership in the Ontario Fencing Association ($80). The club registrar can assist with membership purchases.


Fencers are expected to own their own equipment.


Fencers in the competitive program are expected to be highly motivated, and willing to work hard, and with a clear intention to improve and apply their skills in a competitive context. Fencers are expected to keep a Fencing Journal, have and maintain their own equipment, and be willing to compete outside of the club.