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Tournament Results

It's been a busy fall season with many tournaments over the past few weeks.  Congratulations to all our fencers!

Vango Young Bears Cup - Dec 10/11, 2016

Y10 Women's Foil
Elika - 8th

Y14 Women's Epee
Keemya - 17th

Cadet Women's Epee
Keemya - 15th

Cadet Men's Foil
Alexander - 13th 

Brock Open - Nov 19/20, 2016

Y10 Mixed Sabre
Ayden - 6th

Y14 Women's Foil
Marija - 13th

Cadet Men's Foil
Alexander - 27th
Nicholas - 32nd

Junior Men's Foil
Nicholas - 35th 

Senior Women's Sabre
Helen - 10th 

Senior Men's Epee
Callum - 10th
Evin - 41st

Senior Men's Sabre
Phil - 1st
Brendan - 56th

Western Open - Nov 12/13, 2016

Senior Women's Sabre
Helen - 3rd

Senior Men's Sabre
Phil - 1st

Senior Men's Foil
Julian - 2nd
Nicholas - 37th

Senior Men's Epee
Callum - 5th
Evin - 27th

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