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GM Update

At a General Meeting earlier this week, some exciting changes were approved by the new Board of Directors (BoD). For those who were unable to make it, here's a brief summary.

Since the appointment of our new Head Coach in August of this year, the BoD has been working diligently on restructuring not only our programming but also our administration and governance.


As many of you know, we have adopted a training passport system, and have moved to a more defined skills-based advancement program. We hope that this will give our athletes a better understanding of where they are and where they need to go in terms of their development and, provide some guidance on how to get there!

Also this is done under the national Long-term Athlete Development Model, and incorporates the most recent advances in sport science into our programming.

Administration and Governance

We have moved to a new governance model where the BoD is responsible for setting policy, and the day to day operations of the club will be managed by an Executive Committee who reports to the BoD. The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, Treasurer, and one other director (at present the Director of Programming), and is tasked with carrying out the policies and strategic plan set by the BoD within the approved budget.

This model is in line with best practices for similar sport organizations, and wlil enable us to make operational decisions more efficiently and to act in a timely and efficient manner to better serve our membership, while allowing the BoD to fulfil their duties of governance and fiscal responsibility.

We are pleased to announce your new BoD and Executive Committee members:

President: Paul Shull
Vice-President (Stratford): Dr. Darren Marks
Vice-President (Waterloo): Jonathon Hotlz
Treasurer: Dan Kane
Secretary: Todd Caslick
Head Coach/ Director of Programming: Ranil Sonnadara

This is a very exciting time for the club, and the new BoD all look forward to watching and helping the club move towards its next iteration.


Septemberfest 2011 Preliminary results


Notice of General Meeting

Excelsior fencing will be holding a General meeting Wednesday September 28th, 6pm. All excelsior members are welcome to attend the meeting, however there will be no training that night.


Septemberfest 2011 Results

This last weekend was the 2011 Septemberfest, which once again was hosted by Excelsior Fencing Club. Many thanks to all the volunteers and coaches who made it possible for us to run such a professional event. This year, this was an ‘open’ competition, so attendance was up, and the fencing level was stronger than in years gone by.

Excelsior results are as follows:

VMF: D Marks 3rd
VWF: Godfrey 1st
SMF: Kirby 22nd; Uribe 28th; G Marks 29th; Wright 30th
SMS: Landry 6th
SWS: Fountain 3rd
SWE: Spaetzel 3rd
SME: Butterworth 7th; Caslick 16th
SWF: Fountain 7th; Forde 12th; Kenyon 14th

Full results will be posted on the OFA website early next week.

Most importantly, much fun was had by, and much learning done by all who took part as competitors and volunteers, and it was nice to see so many so many friendly faces out.