2018/2019 AGM Reminder

Friendly reminder that our annual general meeting will be hosted at the club next Monday (October 15) at 6:30pm.
Everyone of all ages is welcome and encouraged to attend. Afterwards, we'll set up boxes and do some fencing!
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • President’s Report for 2017-18 Season
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Additional Reports and Comments
  • Election of Officers and Directors
  • Questions from the Floor
  • Other Business
  • Close
  • Fencing!



Closed for Thanksgiving Monday

We will be closed on Monday October 8th for Thanksgiving.

Regular programming will resume on Wednesday October 10th.

Have a great weekend!


Call for Board Members

Excelsior Fencing Club is seeking new members for our Board of Directors. The goal starting with this season is to separate out the functions of the operations staff (coaches) with the Board of Directors in order to continue the clubs growth. With this change, the idea is that each board member will only be required to provide approximately 15-30 mins of their time every 1-2 months for reviewing, discussing, and approving documents and/or proposals during board meetings, reviewing financials vs budget, and call the AGM once per year. The 'day-to-day' will be handled by the Head Coach and operational staff.

Positions are held for 1 year.

The 2018/2019 Board of Directors will:

  • Call the AGM in September and hold regular board meetings as required by By-Laws (called by the President)
    • Put forward any necessary updates and/or approvals required at the AGM (operational updates to be provided by the Head Coach or delegate)
    • Present the budget to the club members (with support from head coach or delegate)
  • Review and approve the annual budget prepared by the Head Coach
  • Review or Request new or updated Policies from the Head Coach as required throughout the year, along with approvals for policy implementation
  • Act as the initial liaison between the Cities and club operations
  • The treasurer will maintain club financials as per today’s operations in conjunction with the coaching staff'

For those who are interested, please speak with Jake or another member of the current Board of Directors.


Programming Changes

As of the 2018/2019 season, we will no longer be running a regular Friday Sabre class at 7pm. Instead, Mondays and Wednesdays will be 3-weapon classes.

We're currently looking at running ad-hoc special events on Friday evenings (ex. tournament preparation, mini-tournaments, workshops). If you have any ideas or would like to run an event, please speak to one of the coaching staff.


2018/2019 AGM - Monday Oct 15

We will be hosting our annual general meeting on Monday October 15, 2018 at 6:30pm. Additional details will be posted shortly. We encourage all of our members and parents to come out and participate.

After the meeting, we'll setup for some open fencing.