About Excelsior Fencing Club

Excelsior Fencing Club was founded over a quarter of a century ago, by a small but determined group of competitive fencers who wanted a place to train. Their hard work and passion for the art of fencing laid the foundation for what Excelsior has become.Through our strong programming, and commitment to developing fencers from the Tri-city area, we earned official affiliation with both the City of Waterloo and the City of Kitchener. Over the last decade Excelsior has evolved into a club, which has focused on community and youth programming.

Excelsior has garnered a reputation for excellence in these areas which resulted in our club being awarded Regional Community Development Centre RCDC status (in association with a partner club in Hamilton) with the Ontario Fencing Association in 2009. The RCDC status has facilitated strong partnerships in the surrounding area, including outreach programs to several local high schools.

We are aligning all of our programming with the Long Term Athlete Development model. This will enable us to take advantage of recent advances in coaching and sport science to update our programming, and to provide better opportunities for all of our fencers in both recreational and instructional streams, as well as allowing us to develop a stronger competitive stream.For more information about our coaches and staff, please click here. For more information about our programs, including pricing information and dates, please click here.