Our Coaches and Instructors


Jon Holtz - Sabre, Foil

Jon Holtz is a Materials and Process Engineer working at ComDev in Cambridge, ON. He started fencing in high school and continued with the sport into university where he was on the varsity team for 4 years and weapon captain. When he was finished with school, his travels led him to our K-W location. Jon is certified as an Aide-Moniteur coach in Foil and Sabre. Jon primarily helps with coaching and program development, but can also be persuaded to give private lessons, do high-school demonstrations, referee at tournaments, assist with referee development, and generally fill in the gaps when necessary. Jon's primary weapon is his wit, but he's also known to be pretty handy with a sabre when the fancy takes him.


Julian Twardus - Foil

Julian is a political science student at Laurier University. Julian started fencing in 2004 when a friend of his invited him to come and play. He has been joyfully hitting people with swords ever since. He has excellent technique and it shows when he is demonstrating to his classes. Julian is certified as a Community Instructor, and is working towards his aide-moniteur certification. Julian teaches the yellow and orange armband classes, does high-school demonstrations, teaches French mini-fence, gives private lessons and referees at fencing tournaments. Julian's primary weapon is foil.


Callum Butterworth - Epee

Callum teaches the yellow and orange armband classes as well as introductory epee. He recently graduated from the University of Waterloo after studying Computer Engineering.  Callum is a competitive epee fencer, who also plays around with foil and sabre. Callum first took a stab at fencing in the fall of 2000 and has been fencing ever since. Callum's primary weapon is epee.


Dan Banks - Foil

Dan instructs the competitive foil program on Monday nights focusing on improving technical skills and encouraging tactical development.  Dan is certified as an Aide-Moniteur coach in foil and is an active National-level referee working in all three weapons. Dan started fencing over a decade ago and has traveled throughout North America to attend tournaments, clinics and training camps.


Jakob Grimshaw - Sabre


Brendan Thomas - Foil, Sabre


Coaching Alumni

Paul Shull
Laura-Lee Spaetzel
Lester Wong